Erin Achilleas Walls

Erin Achilleas Walls
Founder and Director of WardWilliams Creatives

Erin is the founder and one of the directors of WardWilliams Creative. Her love for the creative sectors led her to an understanding that these sectors needed a different kind of service. So that is what she created. Erin believes that always learning and improving is key to providing a great service – a belief she applies to life in general.  Along with being an FCA and a Director, she holds a blackbelt in kickboxing and Kung Fu! She means business.

WardWilliams Creative

WardWilliams Creative provides business support, tax and accountancy services for people and brands working within the creative industries.

From TV to tattoos, architects to artists, fashion to food and  bitcoin to branding – if creativity is at the heart of what you do, you’ve landed on the right page!

We are chartered accountants, tax advisers and consultants, who eat, sleep and breath the creative industries.

Our portfolio of creatives goes from the individual to big business, and we love them all the same. We are enthusiastic about what you do and how we can help you achieve your goals. It’s a privilege to join you on your journey of growth, development, profitability, world domination – whatever it is you are striving for, we can help you in a number of ways.

Offering a range of services from accountancy, bookkeeping, VAT, and tax advice to specialised support and financial services, we are so much more than your average accountant. Our hands-on experience working with the creative sector means we are able to provide a hard-to-find service to our clients.

We can help with grant and funding applications, apply for research and development credits, and advise on specialist tax schemes specifically for creative and innovative businesses. To be successful in the highly competitive creative industries, it pays to have the right experts on your side.

Why we only work with creative businesses

Creative businesses are built on vision, passion and ideas.

The things of dreams – who wouldn’t want to work with people like that?

We love the creatives sectors and could see that in many cases they were not getting what they needed from their accountant.

So… we decided to focus in and bridge that gap. Working with the creative industries, we offer solutions that are easy to digest, informal and built into however you run your business. Simple!


Specialist knowledge for creative industries. You know it. We know it; creative industries are different. Each sector has its own quirks, which require tailored accountancy support – that's where we come in.

We only work with businesses and individuals in the creative industries. We have tonnes of experience and understanding of creative people and the businesses they develop.

Each sector has its quirks, some have specific tax benefits, or reporting regulations and structure… But more than that, creativity, passion and innovation mean specific pressures are placed on these individuals and their businesses.

We understand these pressure points and have found ways to both support the individual and the business to grow, without the burden of the business process limiting the creativity.

Many creatives also find the finance side of the business alien, intimidating, or just boring. Either way, we can help manage this. We help our clients in the creative industries feel comfortable with the figures, simplify complex financial concepts, and show them how their passion can enhance their financial circumstances.

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