What to look for in a Will Writer

What to look for in a Will Writer

As a member of the Society of Will Writers (SWW), you must abide by their three compulsory requirements of Membership. These include ongoing training and development, code of practice compliance, and a comprehensive insurance policy to cover estate planning activities. Choosing a qualified and knowledgeable Will Writer based on their track record, their expertise and how they work, should be of paramount importance.

Training, skills and experience of Will Writing

The first mandatory requirement of SWW Membership is Continuous Professional Development (CPD) mainly through the Society’s College of Will Writing. As Estate Planning Practitioners, all SWW Members are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours CPD a year which ensures their knowledge is up to date.

Regulated by the Society’s Code of Practice

The second mandatory requirement of Membership with the SWW is adherence to their Code of Practice, including 10 Membership Principles. Will Writing is currently not regulated by statute, but that does not mean that professional standards should not be imposed. Society Members work in accordance with a methodical process whereby client care is of utmost priority, as set out in the Code of Practice.

Up to date Professional Indemnity Insurance

The third mandatory requirement of Society membership is to hold a minimum of £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Storage Services the Will Writer can provide

Secure and dedicated Will Storage ensures that a Will can be discovered when it is needed. As such, Document Storage is as important as the process of drawing up the Will in the first place.

Terms of Business and company literature

Will writers should be transparent with their fees and explain how your data will be handled.

Ward Williams are delighted to say that we have someone who is a member of the Society of Will Writers who meets all of the above criteria. Mark Speed is also a Chartered Tax Advisor, so you can be sure he has the academic and professional qualifications so that you can trust the advice he is giving and know that it is up to date. Mark Speed is SWW Code compliant and demonstrates this by displaying the Society’s ‘Safe to do business with’ logo.

Ward Williams has secure document storage facilities at our offices. We have a data privacy policy in place and information can be found on our website.

For further information on Ward Williams Services and/or advice on Wills and Probate please contact Mark Speed on Mark.Speed@wardwilliams.co.uk

About the author

Mark is a Personal Tax Manager and Probate Advisor at Ward Williams.

He is a Chartered Tax Advisor, advising on all areas of personal tax. He also offers specialist advice on Trusts, Estates, inheritance tax, Wills and Probate.

Mark keeps up to date with all UK personal tax issues so that he can deliver a valuable service to employees, high net worth individuals, property owners, entrepreneurs, Trustees, Executors, beneficiaries of Estates, and more.

Mark qualified as a Taxation Technician in 2010, achieving a Distinction in Personal Tax. He moved on to qualify as a Chartered Tax Advisor in 2012.

More recently, Mark passed the SWAT UK Certificate in Probate and Estate Administration Assessment in 2016. 

Mark is a full member of The Society of Will Writers.


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