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Anyone who has used the CCEW register of charities since early September will have noticed that it has undergone a major transformation. As well as a more modern look and feel, the range of information that is presented has also been increased with a view to enhance public understanding of how the charity operates and improve transparency.

 Additional information that is now presented includes the following:

  • the number of staff within a charity with remuneration packages above £60,000
  • whether trustees, who are usually volunteers, are paid for their services to the charity
  • income from government grants and contracts
  • whether the charity utilises the services of a professional fundraiser
  • whether the charity has specific policies in place, including in relation to safeguarding.

Most importantly the updated register will show any regulatory alerts to highlight any action taken or underway by CCEW in its role as regulator. The register has also improved its search function, enabling users to search for charities based in a particular area, and also now enables users to download the register’s dataset for research or analysis.

Future enhancements are planned that will improve data sharing further.

Guidance: https://bit.ly/3kXBZYq

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