The duties of a Company Director

The duties of a Company Director
The duties of a Company Director

Have you ever considered what your responsibilities are as a company director?  It is important to remember that as a company director good governance and board effectiveness are key requirements when making management decisions.  The appointment of a new director should be more than just a tick box exercise.

It is also important to remember that a director’s prime responsibility is towards the ‘company’ and not the company’s stakeholders.

When an individual is registered at Companies House as a new director they must understand and acknowledge that they have taken on specific duties and obligations and therefore if in the future a director states that they were unaware of these duties, this will not stand up in Court.  Ignorance of these duties is no defence.


  • Duty to act within your powers;
  • Duty to promote the success of the company;
  • Duty to exercise independent judgment;
  • Duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence;
  • Avoiding a ‘situational’ conflict;
  • Disclosing a ‘transactional’ conflict;
  • Accepting benefits from third parties.

Apart from the above codified duties there are many other responsibilities that a director should consider.  When making any decisions as a director, the following should also be taken into account:

  • The potential long-term consequences for the company;
  • The interests of your employees;
  • Maintaining the Company’s good reputation;
  • To grow and nurture profitable relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • The impact of the Company on the environment and local community.


If a director breaches company law or is negligent in any of the fiduciary duties, it should be remembered that there can be serious consequences.

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