Payroll Services

Your business is unique, and so are your payroll processes. That's why Ward Williams personalise all our payroll outsourcing services to our clients' requirements. By understanding your business our dedicated and experienced team is able to efficiently provide an accurate, time-saving and cost effective payroll solution that lets you focus on your business.

Advantages of outsourcing

  • Flexibility - Our payroll service is fully tailored to your business needs;
  • Save Time and Money – Outsourcing payroll can release staff time to focus on more profitable tasks;
  • Security - Our payroll software is GDPR compliant and we communicate with you via a secure portal;
  • Mitigation of Risk - Payroll related legislation is constantly changing and our payroll team has the experience and training to ensure that you comply.

Our outsourced payroll services include:

  • Efficient processing and responses to queries by a knowledgeable and dedicated team;
  • Flexible options including weekly, four weekly or monthly payroll processing of hourly or salaried employees plus inclusion of ad-hoc additions and deductions such as overtime or car allowances;
  • Online payslip delivery fully compliant with GDPR;
  • Standard reporting with additional option for bespoke reports, such as departmental reporting;
  • End of year on-line reporting and preparation of P60s;
  • RTI submission;
  • Auto-Enrolment processing;
  • Use of a fully GDPR compliant system including a portal for the exchange of confidential data;
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf as agent for all company payroll related queries;
  • BACS payments as an optional extra.

Find out which payroll package meets your business need:

Run your business. Leave payroll to us.  For small non-variable payrolls we will automatically run and ensure compliance with all PAYE reporting requirements and send you final reports for each month.  Usually provided as part of a bundle of services for SME’s by the Business Services Department of the Accountancy practice.

For larger variable payrolls we provide a more flexible service tailored for you, covering all aspects of payroll and Auto -Enrolment.  We process your payroll based on information supplied by you and will turnaround within a maximum of 3 working days. Our payroll team is always available to assist with queries and will work with you to ensure you comply with all statutory submission deadlines and that the entire process runs smoothly. Contact Carla for further information and a quote.

For more information please get in touch on or call 01932 830664


Carla Johnson
Payroll Manager