Probate Fees

We provide a very flexible approach in the way we assist executors meet their obligations. We tailor our services to the individual requirements of the client since we are fully aware that each one needs a different level of support in difficult circumstances.

1. Advisory

We provide you with professional support while you deal with the probate process yourself. Our involvement will include providing guidance, answering questions, checking forms, etc. Our rates are £200 per hour for this work

2. Preparation and Submission of the Inheritance Tax Return and Completion of the Probate Application

We will prepare and submit the Inheritance Tax (IHT) return and supporting schedules to HMRC, claim exemptions and reliefs, calculate the IHT liability, prepare and submit the application for probate and draft the statement of truth for you to sign. You are responsible for obtaining the values of all assets and details of all liabilities for us to enter on the return and any other information required for the probate application. We will also deal with any queries raised by HMRC or the probate office prior to obtaining the Grant of Probate. Our costs depend on a number of factors including the size of the estate, the number of different assets, if the estate is transferred to a surviving spouse and the complexity (e.g. where there are trusts, gifts prior to death, etc). Normally costs range from £3,000 to £7,000 although for more complex estates they could be nearer £10,000.

3. Full Administration of the Estate

In addition to the work in option 2 we will obtain valuations of all assets and liabilities including shares, bank accounts, property, investments, etc. Once probate is granted we will arrange for assets to be transferred in to your name or sold, liabilities to be settled, payments made to any beneficiaries and estate tax returns and accounts to be prepared as necessary. Again costs depend on the above factors but for a standard estate they are usually between £8,000 and £12,000 although for more complex estates, and those where there are substantial numbers of individual investments to be transferred or sold, the costs can be significantly higher.  

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