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P11D Questionnaire 2020-21 PDF format

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P11D Questionnaire 2020-21 EXCEL format

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Aide Memoire 2021 PDF format

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Aide Memoire 2021 WORD format

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HUBB confirmed dates 2020

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Charity Commission: Charity finances: trustee essentials

Good management of a charity’s finances and other assets enables it to succeed in delivering its charitable aims. The latest guide from the Charity Commission explains how trustees must show:

• realistic funding plans and strategies
• effective management controls and systems
• planned for their charity’s assets and resources to be used in the best possible way for their beneficiaries

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GDPR - Data privacy in business

Find out if your business is GDPR compliant and what you need to be doing to stay compliant.

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Ward Williams Wills Fact Finder

If you would like to enquire about making a Will. Please download our Fact Finder document, once complete please email to Mark from our Wills team will then be in touch.

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Ward Williams guide to Probate 2018

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Your guide to Investment Property Tax

When you have your own rental business a qualified property tax expert can provide the advice to ensure that you avoid many of the accounting and taxation errors that can easily arise without the correct advice.

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Ward Williams Group Brochure

Find out more about the services Ward Williams group offer.

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Tax Rates 2018-2019

A comprehensive booklet covering key tax rates and supplementary text, in a handy format. Please contact the office if you would like to receive a printed copy.

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The Autumn Budget 2017

Ward Williams summary focuses on the tax measures which may affect you, your family and your business. To help you decipher what was said we have included our own comments.

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