HUBB: Hillingdon & Uxbridge Business Breakfast Presentations

Download previous presentations from the monthly HUBB Hillingdon & Uxbridge Business Breakfast. Hosted by Ward Williams Chartered Accountants at Uxbridge Business Park. The networking events are run in partnership with Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce.

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HUBB: 14th March 2024 - Your Comms Group

Elevate your B2B Marketing through prospecting for new business in 2023/24 - Lee Stalham

Download - File size: 3434KB

HUBB: 8th February 2024 - Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support (HACS)

Supporting autistic people to discover their true potential and lead purposeful fulfilling lives - Toni Mullally

Download - File size: 4554KB

HUBB: 11th January 2024 - Spokes

Unleashing the benefits of the Cyclesheme - By James Thompson

Download - File size: 2559KB

HUBB: 9th November 2023 - Brain Abilitiez

Your Brain - Sustainable Plastic! How far can you stretch it? - Moira Parry

Download - File size: 1245KB

HUBB: 12th October 2023 - Inclusion Projects by Taz

Mapping and improving your customer journey - Taz Rasul

Download - File size: 2230KB

HUBB: 14th September 2023 - HRUC (Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge Colleges)

Future Workforce Skills Solutions - Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge Colleges 

Download - File size: 1085KB

HUBB: 13th July 2023 - Depictar

How to avoid common mistakes small businesses make when creating videos - Matt Wareham

Download - File size: 5055KB

HUBB: 8th June 2023 - Pink Fluff HR

Getting the best from your Human Resource - By Pink Fluff HR

Download - File size: 2097KB

HUBB: 11th May 2023 - Marketing by Minal

5 Email signatures to set and forget – Minal Patel

Download - File size: 1066KB

HUBB: 13th April 2023 - The Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce

The Hillingdon Business Expo 2023 – Kim McGeaty

Download - File size: 773KB

HUBB: 9th March 2023 - Sunaina Mamgai Brunel University

Accessing SME Business Support Programmes

Download - File size: 1656KB

HUBB: 12th January 2023 - Natwest

Writing a great 60 second pitch - Stewart Smith - Natwest

Download - File size: 2829KB

HUBB: 10th November - Rayners Lane Consultants Ltd

Controlling suppliers and services using service level agreements - Marcellus Brown

Download - File size: 191KB

HUBB: 13th October 2022 - The Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce

The vision of The Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce for the next 12 months by Andy Sharma

Download - File size: 1304KB

HUBB: 8th September 2022 - Brunel University London

How to boost the performance and resilience of your business - Sunaina Mamgai

Download - File size: 1123KB

HUBB: 9th June 2022 - Dr Rina Bajaj

Managing Stress - Dr Rina Bajaj

Download - File size: 1659KB

HUBB: 12th May 2022 - The Branding Photographer

Old Bag or Hand Bag? Don’t let Google get the wrong end of the stick! - Claire Gardner

Download - File size: 2200KB

HUBB: 10th February 2022 - Marketing by Minal

Harnessing the power of the inbox by Marketing by Minal

Download - File size: 1896KB

HUBB: 11 APRIL 2024 - Hillingdon Chamber Of Commerce Expo 2024

Download - File size: 2314KB