HUBB: Hillingdon & Uxbridge Business Breakfast Presentations

Download previous presentations from the monthly HUBB Hillingdon & Uxbridge Business Breakfast. Hosted by Ward Williams Uxbridge office, in partnership with Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce.

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HUBB: 12th March 2020 - VIP IT

Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes by Liam Saunders

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HUBB: 13th February 2020 - The Messenger Academy

The power of chatbots and why you need one by Stas Prokofiev

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HUBB: 9th January 2020 - UK Business Mentor

How to make 2020 the best year for your business By Chris May

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HUBB Confirmed dates for 2020

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HUBB: 14th November 2019 - Co-Innovate with Brunel University

Co-Innovate with Brunel University by Gurnam Selvarajah.

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HUBB: October 2019 - Bird & Lovibond Solicitors

How to be a property Investor by David Trood & Zohaib Shahid

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HUBB: August 2019 - Marketing by Minal

Insider tips for Instagram success by Marketing by Minal.

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HUBB: 11th July 2019 - Ward Williams Creatives

Operating as a Limited Company – the things a Director should know by Ward Williams Creative.

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HUBB: 13th June - Ideas on Stage

Top 7 mistakes people make when creating business presentations by Andrea Pancini from Ideas on Stage

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HUBB: 9th May - Trinity Homeless

Charity Tourism by Sue Serret from Trinity Homeless

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HUBB: 14th March 2019 - Key 4 Change

How to avoid burnout by Keeley Taverner

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HUBB: 14th February 2019 - Uxbridge BID

Looking towards the future of Uxbridge town centre by Mike & Glen from Uxbridge BID

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HUBB: 10th January 2019 - Belvoir

Hillingdon Borough Residential Property Market by Jeremy Wasden

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HUBB: 8th November 2018 - Red Poppy Photography

How to grab your clients by the eyeballs - By Claire Gardner

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HUBB: 11th October 2018 - Bird & Lovibond Solicitors

Avoiding Common Business Pitfalls - By Tony Neocleous & David Trood

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HUBB: 13th September 2018 - AVA Business Coaching

Is Your Marketing working for you?

How to ensure Marketing is an investment not an expense…

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