ICAEW Diversity Survey Responses 2021

Ward Williams regularly collates and reviews data on the diversity of its employees across the firm, so that diversity can be positively managed. We also regularly undertake employee engagement surveys, promote flexible working and support a range of part time working arrangements.

The results below as of April 2021, are based on the data we hold from employee responses. We respect that some employees ‘prefer not to say'

Out of the 68 submissions sent out, 53 Reponses were received giving us a 77.9% response rate.

Here are a couple of sample question responses:

Which gender do you identify with?

 Male  36%
Female  62%
Other  0%
Prefer not to say 2%

Which is your current age bracket?

16-24  17%
25-34  38%
35-44  15%
45-54  13%
55-64  13%
65 and over  2%
Prefer not to say  2%

What is your ethnic background?

Chinese  6%                  
Indian  8%
African  4%
White and Asian  2%
British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish  74%
Any other White background  6%

If you would like any further information on the survey. Then please get in touch on enquiries@wardwilliams.co.uk