Introduction to Ward Williams

Phil Grainger, Managing Director or Ward Williams

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So welcome to BIZ podcast, we have Ward Williams joining us. So tell us who you are, and what you do for Ward Williams?

“My name's Phil Grainger and I’m the Managing Director for the accountancy part of Ward Williams. On a day to day basis I deal with quite a lot of stuff, but it’s mainly SMEs”.

How long has Ward Williams been running for?

“The Ward Williams accountancy practice for 25 years. But for the other add on’s like Ward Williams HR it’s been 10 years and Ward Williams Financial Services is 15 years”.

What would you say is unique about Ward Williams?

“It’s the group offering which is unique. It's putting all those things together so that when a client comes to visit us, they can deal with all those things at the same time”.    

So what type of business form do you have?

“We’re a corporation”. 

How did Ward Williams get started?

“25 years ago, by two of the original guys. The practice they were working for dissolved and they decided to set up themselves. At the time they were both living in Weybridge so that’s why we’re based in Weybridge”.

Can you describe your customers and clients? Specifically with HR and Accountancy?

“We’ve grown the accountancy side be acquiring, lots of fees from people wanting to retire. So our clients are anything from little old ladies that we just do their tax returns for, To big audit clients that have offices and businesses up and down the country. It's quiet a spread actually.

So being a corporation that has been running for 25 years. What challenges do you face being an SME?

“We have the same challenges as most of the businesses we work with. A lot of them are staffing and recruitment, like finding the right people. And then we have other financial pressures just like everyone else on things like rent, rates and operating on a high street in Weybridge. Pretty much the same issues and problems that most businesses face.

What accountancy services do you offer?

“For Ward Williams Chartered Accountants we do all the things you expect an accountant to do. So obviously accounts, tax, and audit if the company is large enough. We also help out with VAT and payroll.

With Ward Williams HR and Ward Williams Financial Services we try and get all those services to complement each other. For example if you’re running payroll. You obviously have staff, you may have staff issues. So you may need Ward Williams HR.

We like to think that the people we help out become successful. With success hopefully comes profit and money. And they might need Ward Williams Financial Services team to help them invest that or buy things to help them go off into the future and retire gracefully with lots of money”.

So what services do you offer for Ward Williams HR?

“Ward Williams HR are commercial HR and employment law for employers. This can be anything from basic stuff like contracts of employment to dispute resolution and performance management. But they also run seminars and helplines so you can call them and get advice over the phone as well as more formal written advice”.

Where is Ward Williams based?

“The main office is based in Weybridge. Just up the hill towards the cricket green. Then we’ve got an office in Ascot and Uxbridge as well as an office in London which deals mainly with the creatives industries”.

Office locations

How does Ward Williams help the local communities where it is located?

“We do quite a lot within the local community. We sponsor Weybridge Cricket Club. We also enter a team in the Weybridge Community Regatta every year. We do lots of themed events for local charities like cake bakes. We have also done Race for Life for the last two years. We have also recently done Surrey Wildlife Trust team building exercise in Camberley that was also linked to environmental benefits.

The other things we do is, every year at Christmas. Instead of sending out Christmas cards we donate to three charities which represent the local area where we are in Weybridge, Ascot and Uxbridge”.

So where can we find you on social media?

Ward Williams Chartered Accountants: @wardwilliamsCA LinkedIn

Ward Williams Human Resources: @WardWilliamsHR LinkedIn