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Kim Dalton, HR Manager from Ward Williams HR
Kim Dalton, HR Manager from Ward Williams HR

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So today we are going to be talking to Kim Dalton from Ward Williams HR about the World Cup and how we can continue to enjoy the World Cup and keep the productivity levels high.

Why is it important that employers acknowledge the World Cup?

“As we reach the next stage of the World Cup, there’s in increase in the employees which are keen to watch the matches, get involved and it’s a really exciting time. So not just for regular football fans but everyone is getting involved and enjoying it. So our advice is to embrace it, go with it and consider steps to help staff to enjoy the tournament and the buzz, while keeping up with operational requirements, business needs and the needs of your clients”.

So how is this beneficial to the businesses moral?

“The main fear that businesses have is that there will be a downturn in productivity, and this could well be the case. But it is not going to be helped by old, strict, archaic practices that limit the enjoyment of the tournament. So if you allow a bit more flexibility we believe it will go a long way, and be appreciated by your staff”.

At Ward Williams what are you doing for the World Cup?

“It’s all about encouraging people to manage their time properly. Everybody’s entitled to a lunch break or rest period and it’s really important to encourage staff to take their lunch hour. If you’re fortunate enough to have a nice kitchen or a breakout area you could use that.

Have a radio, perhaps put a television in a meeting room. Or with the nice weather we are experiencing encourage staff to go outside, go to the local park etc. You can download apps, radio apps, television apps that staff can listen to or watch television on. It’s about being a bit more flexible to absence requests and that’s going to minimise unauthorised absence requests as well”.

What can employers do to get everyone involved and not just people which are particularly interested in football?

“You don’t have to particularly like football to appreciate the fun of the World Cup. Especially with the nice weather we have been experiencing it’s a really nice enjoyable atmosphere at the moment. So encouraging all people to take their lunch breaks, perhaps look at flexible working on a rota basis for everybody on a temporary period. Not just those who want to watch the World Cup and make it inclusive of everyone”.

How do employers make the World Cup part of their culture?

“It’s a good opportunity to be looking at your working culture, we’re starting to move away from the strict 9-5 working days. And lots of companies already have different working hours, so it’s a good opportunity to look at it on an ongoing basis as well.

Perhaps look at where you can be more flexible, obliviously whilst always taking into consideration the needs and the demands of your clients and when your staff do need to be in the office”.

What advice do you have for businesses who think it will halt their productivity?

“Embrace it, you have to trust your staff. We expect a lot from our staff, and it’s really important to reward hard work and reward loyalty as well. So by giving a little bit to your staff and workforce, you can expect something back in return”.

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