WardWilliams Creative provides business support, accountancy and tax advice to people and brands working within the creative industries.

Specialist Industry Knowledge
You could go to any accountant so why come to us? We live and breathe the creative industries, because of this we understand your needs better. We don't force our processes on you, we work organically and develop with you.

Dynamic digital workflow
We appreciate you work hard and in a fast paced industry, so our systems are built round you. This allows both you and us to work efficiently, keep communication open and utilise technology to help make all our lives easier.

Project based understanding
Many creatives go from project to project, and when a deadline looms everything else is put on hold. If we know you have an important pitch or a project deadline, we can schedule around it to keep the pressure off at the crazy times.

Experienced team
The team is vastly experienced in all areas you would expect from an expert service. We are qualified in accountancy and tax, we have bags of business growth and support advice, and - as we keep saying - we know the creative industries like the back of our hand.

Whatever your creative business is, we can help with:

  • Preparing business plans to obtain funding;
  • Advice on obtaining grants for specific green or technology products;
  • Advice and support for start up businesses such as cash flow predictions or relevant structure;
  • Financial advice for growing businesses;
  • Helping to secure creative industry tax reliefs.

And the usual:

  • Bookkeeping - traditional and online solutions;
  • Preparing the year end accounts and tax return;
  • Tax advice for the business and the individual.

Please contact Erin for a no obligation meeting at our cost.


Erin Achilleas Walls
Founder and Director of WardWilliams Creatives
Tom Kirk
Personal Tax Manager