Ward Williams Charity Newsletters

Our specialist newsletter highlighting important and current issues that may affect charities is prepared by Ward Williams twice a year. If you would like to receive a copy please email: charities@wardwilliams.co.uk

Charity Newsletter - Spring 2021

  • Budget 2021
  • Trustee guidance
  • Fraud and the pandemic
  • Charity governance
  • AGM guidance
  • Charity model accounts
  • Filing the annual report
  • Fundraising disclosures
  • Going concern reporting
  • Off-payroll working
  • Responsible investment
  • Corporate transparency and register reform

Charity Newsletter - Winter 2020

  • Covid-19 update
  • How to report serious incidents
  • Fraud and the pandemic
  • Fundraising guidance
  • Transparent and accountable governance
  • Diversity in the charity sector
  • Independent examination
  • Enhanced register of charities
  • Revitalising trusts
  • The Charity SORP
  • Filing the annual report
  • Charity SORP Information Sheets
  • Future charity SORP developments
  • Accounting for operating leases
  • Gift aid and trading subsidiaries during the pandemic
  • VAT and digital media
  • VAT and supplies of e-publications
  • Charities and the HMRC Trust Registration Service
  • Corporate Governance and Insolvency Act 2020

Charity Newsletter - Spring 2020

  • Coping with the impact of Covid-19
  • Looking forward
  • Serious incidents involving a partner
  • How to report serious incidents
  • Preventing charity fraud
  • Charitable companies and the PSC Register
  • Safeguarding update
  • Documenting decisions made by trustees
  • Charity SORP - Second edition
  • Charity SORP Information Sheets
  • Future charity SORP developments
  • Off payroll working
  • Cultural tax reliefs
  • Gift Aid process for charities using text donations

Charity Newsletter- Autumn 2019

  • Oxfam and the implications for all charities.
  • Revised Fundraising Code of Practice published.
  • Related party transactions.
  • Independent examination.
  • Cyber crime.
  • Revitalising Trusts programme.
  • Charity governance.
  • Gift policy.
  • Brexit related issues.
  • Legacy notifications.
  • Charity SORP reform.
  • Charities SORP (FRS102) Update Bulletin 2.
  • Charity Tax Commission report.
  • VAT: Making Tax Digital.
  • Gift Aid and donor benefits.
  • Register of charitable trusts.
  • Sexual harassment.

In light of the influx of government support measures introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HMRC is in the process of issuing notices to self assessment taxpayers, reminding them to ensure that they have the correct information in order to ...

The deadlines for filing and paying CGT arising on the sale of an interest in UK property changed as from 6 April 2020. A further change was announced at the recent Autumn budget on Wednesday 27 October 2021. When the changes were initially introduc ...

HMRC has recently issued letters targeting UK residents who hold cryptoassets (such as BitCoin) to consider their capital gains tax (CGT) position. In the letter, HMRC have advised taxpayers to determine whether they have made a disposal of such ass ...

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