Ward Williams Charity Newsletters

Our specialist newsletter highlighting important and current issues that may affect charities is prepared by Ward Williams twice a year. If you would like to receive a copy please email: charities@wardwilliams.co.uk

Charity Newsletter - Winter 2023

Charity Newsletter - Winter 2023

  • Improving the quality of charity accounts
  • Tax consultations
  • Charity rates relief
  • The state of the charity sector
  • Fundraising best practice
  • My Charity Commission Account
  • Investment policy
  • Charity use of social media
  • Charity law reform
  • Internal controls
  • Code of Fundraising Practice consultation
Charity Newsletter - Spring 2023

Charity Newsletter - Spring 2023

  • Charities and the continuing cost of living crisis
  • Charity law reform
  • Annual return changes
  • Use of social media
  • The risks from cyber crime
  • Other charity guidance
  • Future changes to financial reporting
  • Fundraising update
  • Spring Budget 2023
  • VAT update
Charity Newsletter - Winter 2022

Charity Newsletter - Winter 2022

  • Charities and the cost of living crisis
  • Public trust in charities
  • Energy costs
  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • Charity law reform
  • Annual return changes
  • Use of cash couriers
  • Mini-Budget
  • Gift Aid and naming of buildings
  • Living wage
  • VAT changes
Charity Newsletter - Spring 2022

Charity Newsletter - Spring 2022

  • Charities’ response to the war in Ukraine
  • Kids Company: Lessons to be learned
  • Fraud awareness
  • Company law reform
  • Fundraising regulation
  • Issues arising from the Ukraine crisis
  • Climate-related disclosures
  • Spring Statement 2022
  • Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Rates Relief Scheme
  • Living wage
Charity Newsletter - Autumn 2021

Charity Newsletter - Autumn 2021

  • Trust in the charity sector
  • Hybrid working
  • Charity law reform
  • Dormant assets
  • Fundraising guidance
  • Faith charities
  • Operating overseas
  • Combatting terrorism
  • Trustee recruitment
  • Lotteries
  • Updated COVID guidance
  • Charity model accounts
  • Signing accounts
  • SORP developments
  • Funding social care
  • Autumn Budget
  • Gift Aid developments
  • Regulatory review
Charity Newsletter - Spring 2021

Charity Newsletter - Spring 2021

  • Budget 2021
  • Trustee guidance
  • Fraud and the pandemic
  • Charity governance
  • AGM guidance
  • Charity model accounts
  • Filing the annual report
  • Fundraising disclosures
  • Going concern reporting
  • Off-payroll working
  • Responsible investment
  • Corporate transparency and register reform

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released a “tax simplification” update confirming that the reporting and paying of income tax and class 1A national insurance contributions (NIC) on benefits-in-kind (BIK) via payroll software will become mandatory from April 2026. This follows the changes made during the 2022/23 reporting season whereby amendments to P11Ds had to be completed electronically, as opposed to the traditional paper route....

Landlords across the UK have started to receive letters from HMRC as part of their ‘One-to-Many’ campaign. This letter focuses on the repair and maintenance costs claimed within the taxpayers 2021/22 tax return.

Since December 2023, HMRC has been reaching out to landlords who completed the property income pages of their 2021/22 tax return and claimed repair and maintenance costs. HMRC’s concern arises from the possibility that some taxpayers may have inadvertently included capital costs within these figures.

Once a Grant of Probate has been issued, you may expect to receive your money quickly if you have been in line to inherit. However, this can vary greatly due to the complexity of the estate, and the possibility of the Will being contested, as well as ...

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