Ward Williams Property Newsletter

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Property Newsletter - January 2019

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Property Newsletter - June 2019

  • Extending CGT to non-residents investing in non-residential UK property.
  • HMRC to speed up capital gains tax payments for residential property sales.
  • Is it time to make or review your Will?
  • Property Investment versus Trading

Property Newsletter - June 2018

  • Tax relief for residential landlords - How it’s worked out
  • Married Couples & Civil Partners - How should property be held?
  • Your free guide to Investment Property Tax

Ward Williams Property Investment Tax Guide 2019

When you have your own rental business a qualified property tax expert can provide the advice to ensure that you avoid many of the accounting and taxation errors that can easily arise without the correct advice. This expertise can provide a firm financial base to realise a successful property business.

In light of the influx of government support measures introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HMRC is in the process of issuing notices to self assessment taxpayers, reminding them to ensure that they have the correct information in order to ...

The deadlines for filing and paying CGT arising on the sale of an interest in UK property changed as from 6 April 2020. A further change was announced at the recent Autumn budget on Wednesday 27 October 2021. When the changes were initially introduc ...

HMRC has recently issued letters targeting UK residents who hold cryptoassets (such as BitCoin) to consider their capital gains tax (CGT) position. In the letter, HMRC have advised taxpayers to determine whether they have made a disposal of such ass ...

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