Registered Office Facility

We write to set out the basis upon which we are willing to provide the registered office facility and also enclose the Terms & Conditions that apply. 

1. We will:

1.1 allow you to use Belgrave House, 39-43 Monument Hill, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8RN, United Kingdom as your registered office and forward to you any communications received at the registered office as set out in our attached Terms & Conditions; and

1.2 in accordance with your instructions:

1.2.1   retain in our possession your statutory books;

1.2.2   maintain electronically the statutory records.

2. You will:

2.1 show our address as your registered office on your business stationery and website less prominently than your own address and not display at all our contact details namely our telephone number or website address.

2.2 confirm that your shareholders have been informed by you that the business uses our office as the company’s registered office address.

2.3 on the cessation of our services whereupon we no longer act for you, you agree to change the registered office to your new preferred address within 1 month of that event.

Upon receipt of payment of our company secretarial fee note this will constitute agreement to the above and our Terms & Conditions.

If you have any queries please contact, in the first instance, Cathy Dilena our Company Secretarial Manager on or call 01932 830664. For more information on our Company Secretarial services please click here.